This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am still trying to get this disciplinary relationship started.

   I find that I am the main roadblock to this happening. I still can get out of being spanked if I want to; I am still calling the shots. I think that it is the fear of the pain that is stopping me from wholeheartedly giving myself over to her. Wait, that is a lie..........I damn well know it is fear of the pain!!! If you are in this kind of relationship how did you overcome your fear? Or, is it just something you have to deal with on a spanking to spanking basis?
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  1. That is the dichotomy for boys like us: we crave her discipline but don't enjoy it while it's being applied. That will never change. You just need to accept her authority. The pain is short lived, but the benefits are long lasting.

    Good luck.


  2. David-
    Based upon your previous posts, you know you need to be spanked and you also know that you deserve it, too.

    So just take a deep breath when she gets in the spanking mood and just relax and enjoy it. Yes, it may hurt during the spanking but you may find the afterglow to be quite delightful.

    And you also need to pay attention to her needs. Make sure you thank her. I might even suggest that you send her flowers the next time she spanks you. Its something my Lady loved when I have done that.

    Good Luck and keep us (your readers) posted.
    Ken (SpankedbymyLady)

  3. Although I get a very infrequent paddling from my wife for something really serious----(and its on the bare butt and it hurts!) there is nothing wrong with fearing pain and wishing to avoid it---No one says you should have to be spanked---There are many ways of settling troubles in a marriage----and getting spanked is not at all necessary---It works for us fine cause its consenting and we both agree when its got to happen---but you are free to avoid a spanking for any reason

  4. Even when she is fully determined to apply her paddle, flogger, cane or switch where it will do the most good, J. will ask me (pro forma, of course!): "So, you want to be spanked (whipped, strapped, birched), do you?" And the answer is always taken for granted! I know it would make no difference if I said "No", because this is her way of teasing me and to confirm her authority -and my submission...

  5. When my wife is so frustrated that a bare ass paddling is going to settle things---I just want it over--I know its going to hurt and I know I have earned it---I am with you i hate the pain---but get your bare ass over her lap ASAP---and it will be over and in our case life vreturns to normal real quick---Do not wait it out take your spanking and make all the spank pleas you need to--in order to get it done!

  6. When you freely engage in a FemDom disciplinary relationship, then you are giving your GENERAL consent to such an arrangement. At that point, your SPECIFIC consent to any particular session is not required. In order to reap the benefits of this relationship, you and your wife are completely free to set up mutually agreeable rules, parameters and guidelines. However, within this context, discipline must be administered on her terms - not yours - especially as to why punishment is merited - whether you agree with her reasons or not. For that reason, I suggest that she invest in some hand restraints - once your hands are immobile, she will be able to deal with you like you were 10 years old. Then you will find out what real discipline is. Trust me, you will not like it while you are getting it - but you will be the better off for it.

  7. Someone said the afterglow of a paddling is great. In the rare event that my wife paddles my naked butt it hurts when I am getting it--and it stings after----She does put cool lotion on my butt---but it still hurts and she is by no means abusive---Its not unlike a paddling my coach gave me in high school---though my wife id not masculine in any way-----We both are releived when its done as our relationship is once again great--I got what I had coming (in spades)--and we both know it---however my butt hurts! I am sorry I do not experience any afterglow as one writer suggests---He is a lucky guy---What does an after glow feel like actually? This guys butt has never venjoyed that feeling!

  8. regarding poll: I answered as many questions as I could---some were leading questions. A paddling fro me is really infrequent--I have it coming when I get it. Its on the bare butt--I am just out of the shower--and over her lap asap--as I want to get it done and so does she. Its with a paddle that is just a piece of skinny wood---I guess I just picked up the first time it was going to happen. I have only cryed about three times in 38 yrs of marriage--and it felt good--It was not the pain--although a paddling hurts--It was just the relief of stress. There is no accompanying punishment--My butt is red but nothingt else---Strange as it sounds--its not unlike thge coaches paddlings --also bare, in football-- though my wife is s smaller very feminine. We work together and almost always get along--In the rare event--that is not the case and I am at fault--I take a paddling---things are fine after its done---I ca not answer any other of the poll questions as they just do not apply. thanks to the person who made the poll! You may contact me if you wish at

  9. interesting reading...
    I wonder if you make a little (lot??) too much about being spanked. You do NOT have to be spanked to tears for a spanking to be effective. By believing this, you are also putting far too much pressure on your new bride of using spanking as a tool in your relationship. Any spanking, however, small or long, should result in a change of your behavior, if it was a disciplinary spanking. Make that happen after every spanking, and I believe you will be spanked far more often, but in spurts of spanking and then a few weeks of far less spanking. Good luck
    Accept whenever a spanking is declared to happen, you should have no choice in the matter, and the red hot bottom subsides after a short while.
    happy spankings