This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A little, or a lot, about me.............

I am a fifty year old, very happily married man. I am very lucky to have married my soulmate!!! I was married to a woman before her, a woman who said she shared my kinks. She said this before we were married, but six months after we were married she said she no longer wished to participate in my fetishes. To say I was devastated would be the biggest understatement in the world! For the next thirteen years I lived a miserable life whereas the only outlet for my desires was the Internet. When I first met my ex I was the spanker, even though I had dreamed about getting my ass blistered by strict women: teachers, neighbors, and actresses, since I was a small boy. I used to lie awake in bed at night and daydream about being spanked to tears everynight. Everynight!
I spent a large part of my life denying myself my life's desires. I was no longer allowed to spank my wife, nor could I get her to take the reins and spank me. I allowed myself to live in hell for a very long time because of my fear of living alone. That all ended when I met the angel that is my wife now!
My wife and I are compatible on every level: we laugh constantly, we enjoy spending our time together, and we both love spanking. Although, I must admit that as of now I have spanked her more than she has spanked me. But she knows of my desires, and she is more than willing to help me fulfill them! I have never hidden any part of my fantasies from her; I have expressed my deepest desire to have her be my spanking Wife/Mommy. If I can't be honest with her, who can I be honest with?
I started this blog to sort of document our journey through this spanking labyrinth. I started it because, if you're like me, you read all of the blogs, looked at all of the pictures, joined all of the groups, but weren't sure if it all wasn't made up. You weren't sure that this wasn't all some male jack off fantasy that wasn't real. When you read the letters on "The disciplinary wives club" or read a treatise by Elise Sutton, you could never be sure if somebody was actually living the words they wrote. That is the reason I started this blog......I wanted to tell you that there are people, out here, who are really living out this lifestyle.
Of course, life is life..........we don't spend every single minute concentrating on spanking.........well, maybe she doesn' We are just trying to feel our way along the path of the Female/male spanking relationship. I know one thing for sure, and that is: there is no woman's knee I would rather go over than hers!!!!!!!!
If you would like to chat further you can email me at:    Or stay tuned to my blog and we'll learn together.

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  1. Hi David:

    The above could have been my life story, I went through the same things you did. I do know that I was probably married longer than you were to your first. Then I found my present wife, and like you there is no other lap I would rather go over. Although She allows some of her girlfriends to blister my bottom when they are here visiting.

    So I do spend some time over other laps, as you can see on my blog. But she's the one that I go to bed with, and she's the one that makes sure I tow the line.

    I'm sure you love your wife just as mush as I love mine.