This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A challenging situation........................

My mother is going to be staying with us for ten days, starting Monday. My wife gives me two maintenance spankings a week...................we will have to figure out when to do them. I said I'm going to be a brat since I know she won't give me a punishment spanking while my mother is here. She told me that she would not hesitate to drag me into our room and beat my ass while my mother was in the house. Hmmmmmm.......I wonder if I dare find out if she's really serious?


  1. I think that you ought to find out!! LOL!

  2. Try to be a good boy if you value the visit from your mom and the incredible love of your wife. I'm a guy. I'd die for what you have. Thannk your lucky stars.

    It does not sound like she plays around. I bet she would woop you in front of your mom. Your mom might not react well.

  3. I kinda of have a feeling that she won't risk letting her mother know about the nature of your relationship. Do the two of you hide the "toys" while she is visiting? Would be kind of cool to be outed though.

    10 days with an

  4. I think you should be naughty boy at this time this is golden time for you, even if you wife grab your testicles and drag you to the bedroom and give a hard otk spanking, this will strengthen you relationship and both of you will enjoy it

  5. My girlfriend and I had a chance to spend a week at the coast, a good friend of her was visiting from the east coast. Now the friend knew I was spanked, but my girlfriend told me not to do anything stupid or her friend would see first hand. It was three days into our coast visit that I did something stupid. Well the friend was out on the beach when the spanking started and returned to see me getting a sound spanking. She watched and made comments and when I got up I danced around the room, not concern she saw everything. May I she said to my girlfriend and not knowing what that meant I soon found myself over this friend lap, boy did she know how to give a spanking. I squirmed, kicked, she had me secure and I said a few choice words. Well my bottom was on fire when she pulled me to my feet and with a grip on my arm took me to the bathroom. I looked at her and rubbing my bottom she said I better not miss the toilet, she watched. I soon had a bar of soap in my mouth and then with that look I was told to remove the clothing, I did so.
    Back to the front room I went, crying and rubbing, my girlfriend smiled and said, I forgot to tell you, she is the one who taught me about spankings.
    I stood facing the wall while the two chatted. The remaining week I was treated like a naughty little boy. I was given a bath prior to bed, went to bed early.
    The last day at the beach I stood before both of them, my pants and underpants around my ankles and was told the rules from now on.
    Each one gave me a sound spanking and on the way home I sat on a pillow and did not say a word.
    Back at the apartment I quickly went facing the wall.
    So don't dare her.

  6. So I wonder how you got on?
    My mother spanked me until I was in my early teens and when my wife found out she thought it a turn on so she has taken over. We are in our 50's now my mother has long gone to meet her maker but my wife still gets a big kick out of putting me over knee

  7. If your Mom knows you & your wife have a spanking relationship and she approves you just might want to provoke your wife and see what happens. I envy you. My wife is totally vanilla so has no interest in spanking - giving or receiving. I'd love to trade places with you for a week - not actually, just in terms of living your arrangement in my own marriage. I can't even get my wife to spank me on my birthday. Whatever you decide, good luck!
    BTW, I just discovered your blog this evening. Most interesting!!! I'll be back regularly.