This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is a letter that I just gave my wife:

Cause for severe spanking:

1. Yelling at you
2. Treating you with disrespect
3. Not doing my chores well, or on time
4. Just because you feel like it (i.e. crabby, pissed off, had a bad day.)
5. Helping me with my depression
6. Acting like a spoiled brat (yelling, being a dick to people, driving like a moron.)
7. Not eating right (not losing weight.)

I am sure that you can come up with plenty of other reasons to beat my ass purple.............use them!!!
I have been dreaming, fantasizing, craving, and longing for this in my life for so long. Be my very strict wife and I will love you more than ever!!! Don't let me get away with anything. Do not let me talk, or beg my way out of any severe blistering that I have earned myself!!! I need this desperately in my life.........I am just so afraid of the pain associated with the blistering. But, I do need this in my life.
I need you to understand one thing that is an absolute fact: I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU IF YOU CANNOT DO THIS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will understand if you feel that this is too much, as it is a little strange, actually, a fucking lot strange!!! I mean after all, what kind of man asks his wife to treat him like a child, keep tabs on his behavior, and beat his ass purple when he is bad? (except for me that I need the strict guidance, frequently being reduced to a bawling little boy, and the loved feeling of being a disciplined husband.
I have fantasies about this lifestyle everyday.....EVERYDAY!!!!!! No days goes by that I don't crave this in my life........not one. I was born this way and it will never change. I imagine that it's the same as being born gay..........getting my ass blistered fulfills me.

The fear of it has always kept me from fulfilling my dreams; always kept me unfulfilled. Please help me! I imagine that after one full fledged ass beating that I will try to back out of this........please do not let me!!! Spank me until I beg, plead, and sob, and than go a bit further.

(She said the she was perfectly alright with doing this, so now I had better watch my step.)


  1. First, I want to congratulate you for having the courage to address this with your wife. It's not the most common request a husband makes of his spouse, and it took guts to do it. I myself am a man in a domestic discipline relationship, so I understand that deep, and at times overwhelming need to be spanked. My partner paddles me over his knee at least twice a week. Hard. It never gets easy. I never get 'used to it'. It hurts just as much every time I'm riding his knee. I beg and plead and cry just as much as I did when he first started spanking me, and thankfully, he pays no attention to my desperate pleading. There is no 'faking' it when the spanking is real. All that said, you have so much to look forward to. The pain of the spanking is very real, but so is the love and connection you will feel with your wife on a level you never experienced before. Make sure you keep communicating your needs, and show her how much you appreciate her all the more now that she is more than just your wife...she is your caring, and loving disciplinarian. Welcome to your new life. You'll never look back.

  2. I love your blog! Even though I'm gay, your site turns me on more than almost any other I've seen, because it really speaks to me on a deep level. My deepest longing since I was a very young boy has been to be subject to severe blisterings on a regular basis whether I want them or not every time I screw up. The fact that I would prefer this be done by an attractive, young guy is more of a minor detail, whereas the intense need for this experience expresses the deepest part of who I am and makes us far more alike than different. I am so happy for you that you have found a life partner who understands your need and makes it a reality for you! I hope to be as lucky someday. Until then, I will follow your experiences with great envy and interest.

  3. I really like your blog and just came across this post. I gave a letter like this to my husband about 2 weeks ago. I'm cracking up at how similar my letter is to yours. It does seem really strange to we who were born this way, but, in reality, it's pretty minor compared to a lot of the lifestyles out there. We've just grown up with Hollywood movies showing us how relationships, love, and sex are "supposed" to be. Congrats on giving her this, and I hope a lot of your desires have been fulfilled since this post!

  4. Congratulations to you both. I would strongly suggest that your wife draft a set of rules of the home and conduct that she would like to have you abide by. Also she should implement a To-Do list with descriptions of tasks and deadlines. Violating the rules or not completing a task by her deadline merits a swift and severe punishment. My wife just started this after several months of committing to a Wife Led Marriage. Once it is down on paper, it becomes very real and the consistency is built in. You break a rule, you miss a task, you get a raw butt. No exceptions, no excuses, no free passes. Just this morning I got a bruising paddling until I was in tears for leaving the shower curtain open after I bathed. She said she intends for me to obey. She put the paddle by the bed and she intends to use it when needed.