This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It happened tonight.......................

My first punishment spanking. One minute of spanking as hard as she could, a minute rest for her arm, and then another minute of spanking. Tonight was one of those nights that I had an excellent pain it really wasn't that bad for me. I kind of wish it had been more unbearable, but it was the first one so it was awesome!!! If my pain tolerance had been low I would have gone through the wall. She needs to build up her arm and I need to make my butt more tender. Who else, but an absolute Goddess would care to make all of my dreams come true?  I love and worship my wife with all of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I refer to R as my dominatrix and she is getting better all the time at using a belt, paddle or wooden spoon on my naughty bottom. We talk about her spanking me almost daily altho I only get actually spanked twice a week. I keep telling her how I want to be spanked and scolded and treated and she is catching on. She surprised me at dinner the other night by telling me to get up to the bedroom and bend over the bed with my bottom bare and she paddled hard. Oh my. Yeah I want more of that. Really I do.

  2. My wife caught me rubdubbing in the shower... no big deal but it was immediately following a session of lovemaking with her. She didnt understand and said it hurt her deeply... then she got mad. Since then she has made spanking the blueballs out of me her main mission in life. She started by spanking my bare ass but quickly moved to concentrating on my peter-sac-plughugger. she doesn't like anything between her weapon o choice and the target... so now my entire bikini area is waxyshiny. I know now her release is my only desire... mine is no longer mine. O my...

    1. In the spirit of the punishment fitting the crime, she should have given you a sound ball spanking. Given by hand as you stand with your hands behind your back, legs well spread, knees slightly bent and turned out a bit to present your balls for a good slapping around. Trust me, you will think twice about rubbing one off after that.