This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The day draws closer...........

The day when my stepmother, who i have been bratting for months, comes to visit. i am going to get my ass blistered badly......i know that i promised to upload a video of the last time she was here, but i am not quite savvy enough to do so. so we are both going to do it. My stepmother and myself will upload the video of my spanking. Hopefully my Mommy will also blister my ass......i have been told that this beating will be spread out over several hours so hopefully i will cry!!! he is coming into town on August 16th. i don't know the exact day of my blistering. i definatly want to post this so that you know that i am for real.

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