This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Progress, not perfection.............

My wife has been giving me maintenance spankings once, or twice, a week now. However, I have avoided a punishment spanking by being good......meaning doing the least I can do without getting my ass beat. I want, crave, and have dreamed my whole life, to be severely spanked by a strict woman. My wife has not had a chance to do this because I am afraid of the pain. My dream is to be made into a frequently spanked, bawling, husband. I spend too much time topping from the bottom for her to ever achieve full rein of my discipline. However, I decided to change all of that and turn my life, and discipline, totally over to her. I got her a book to read on disciplining husbands called "How have your wife use Domestic Discipline on you or just spank you hard." by David Xzenre. She has read about a third of it and so far she likes it. She has not gotten to the part in the book where it describes how a discipline spanking should be given..........I may never sit again!!!
The whole point of this post is to say that I have finally found the woman who can give, and is willing to give me, the punishment I crave...............IT'S ABOUT TIME I LET HER DO IT!!! ;-)

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