This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hard to believe

It's hard to believe that my depression has kept me from posting since May. A lot has been happening on the spanking front since May. My wife is becoming a much better, harder and more capable spanker! It seems like the more that I send her emails of what I love to read about spanking the more proficient she becomes. Here is the last one that I sent her from a site I found on the net:
"When I spank and the hubby finally start to "Bawl" I spank well past that point, yes it's a normal reaction it doesn't mean ok it's time to stop, it tells me as does the squirming and kicking that my message is being received.
One time I took him over my knee and spanked him harder and longer than I ever have with the brush, he was wiggling and kicking up a storm actually bucking at times, screaming! When I finally stopped his bottom was crimson with some purple marks from the brush. He was sore for two days.
I still try to administer a butt warming that will be felt for days and remembered forever. And during the  spanking I am totally immune to pleas, begging, wiggling, kicking, crying and everything else outside of producing an incredibly sore backside. I also have no qualms about spanking in front of anyone present and having the my hubby receive his punishment naked as a jay bird. Of course, if you are going to have witnesses you should make sure that they will have no problem with what they are about to see. I actually started telling my trusted friends that I spanked my husband. If they didn't seem aghast I asked if they would mind witnessing one of his spankings to increase his humiliation. I have found a couple who are game and they have seen me literally blister my hubby's ass. You would not believe the effect when my husband starts bawling in front of them. Sometimes after a severe spanking my husband's ass is sore for several days afterwards. If just a little more severe brush spanking is needed I just use a series of smacks in the same spot before moving on. That greatly increases the sting and gets the point across.My only way of making a spanking worse is to spank for far longer.
There are times when I do not just want sincere crying before I am finished: I also wanted a his bottom to be purple over my lap."

I sent that one a couple of days ago and she reciprocated by giving me the longest, most severe, spanking to date. When I am getting my ass roasted I think to myself "what the fuck is wrong with me?" I am screaming my lungs out, full force, into a pillow as she seems perfectly content to go on and on and on. Sometimes she actually starts laughing because I am screaming so loud, and kicking so much; she finds it amusing.
I have got to tell you that every time that she cranks it up a notch I get a little more wary when she says it's time for me to be spanked. So far these are just maintenance spankings. I am very careful not to earn a punishment spanking!
Yes, I can honestly say that my spankings are becoming more severe every time! But, what do I expect when she is only doing what I asked?????


  1. Yes, I get harsh maintenance spankings as well. Check out my blog here on this site.

  2. I love the drawing you have up top "How I feel when I am over her knee". The artist captured the sentiment and experience perfectly for me too; the helplessness and desperation.

  3. Hi David, I am lot like you, my wife is totally in charge and spanks me over her knee like a little girl crying and kicking the whole time. I spend hours in the corner for everyone to see and she doesn't care who knows or who sees my bare red bottom. I will write again hope you are OK. Robin

  4. I have been married to a spanking wife for over 40 years and most of my spankings are bare otk with wooden hairbrush. Once in position my wife never stops until well after real tears are flowing freely and I always get corner time after, with bare red backside on display. She also has three close friends who see me spanked regularly or in the corner after a spanking. She also often discuses my latest spanking with them on the phone or when I am present.