This is what I want to feel like!!!

This is what I want to feel like!!!
How I feel when I'm over her knee!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last night.............

I embarrassed my wife while we were out for dinner with my mother, sister, and niece. When my mother, wife, and I arrived home, my wife kept saying we should go hang up my good shirt. I followed her to the bedroom where she sat on the bed and started to undue my belt. I'm not too bright but I knew where this was headed. I told my wife that I was now sure she would spank me while my mother was here (funny, I would have bet she wouldn't) I asked her not to spank me. She did not but told me that we were now adding the rule of not embarrassing her to my list of rules. I asked for her to give me a warning first as we always tease each other and I am never sure when I cross the line. She said that she would give me one warning. I almost got my deepest dream of getting spanked while someone either witnessed, or overheard. I know I was not sure how my mother would take it. Although, my mother did threaten to spank me once since she's been I'm sure it was a joke.
P.S. I should add that I knew it was not going to be a severe punishment spanking as she did not get out any implements.


  1. I got my first adult spanking for the same reason your wife was going to spank you. I embarrassed her at a party and as we were driving home she was scolding me and I blurted out, “what are you going to do, spank me?” We were both very quiet but when she turned and looked at me with flashes of fire in her eyes my stomach exploded with butterflies then I heard, “yes, just as soon as I get you home!”

    We sat quietly as the garage door opened, she drove in turn the car off and continued looking forward as I got out of the car walked around to her side opened the door and she took my hand as I helped her out she took the lead holding my hand tightly, almost dragging me along behind her. She pulled me in tightly behind as we climbed the basement steps her ass was in my face as I was looking at it shifting side-to-side we reached the top and my stomach was turning like crazy with my knees like jell-O I was gasping as she opened the door dragged me in. I was getting a spanking and nothing was stopping it.

    She went to our bedroom and returned with her largest wooden hairbrush. As she walked by she said followed me. She took me to the sofa and sat. I was bare ass up across her lap in no time and I jumped off her lap as soon as I recovered from the shock of pain from a woman’s hairbrush registered with my brain. I jump off her lap few more times while she was giving me my first spanking for embarrassing her at that party. There were tears from me too, that surprised me but she continued spanking harder as she scolded those spanking sounds and my howling got louder.

  2. I can relate to the threat of being spanked while others might hear or see. My wife had Ben spanking me for a while but it has always been a private matter. Recently while visiting my wife's sister I embarrassed her. She asked her sister to excuse us and got her hair brush from her purse. When I objected she asked if I wanted to be spanked right there. I went with my wife to a bedroom at the back of the house where she proceeded to really blister me. When we went back my sister in law said" very interesting " I know she could hear me struggling and my behind was still on fire as I sat down!